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Frequent Ask Question

1 - How do I get a refund?

Please see Terms and Conditions Page.

2 - How do I Redeem my Voucher?

After the purchase, you will receive the voucher code via email from the discount page or from the agent from whom you bought it. Visit our page and go to "Redeem Voucher" Enter your voucher/reference/security code (where applicable) and follow the steps, completing all the required spaces. Once you have completed our Online Registration, your information will be reviewed by one of our Redemption Specialists. You will then be contacted by email to confirm your redemption process.
After redeeming my voucher do I need to use my vacations right away?
No. You have 12-18 month period to use your vacations, the redemption process is different to the reservation process.

3 - When can I expect a call to confirm my reservation request?

You will receive an automatic email after requesting a reservation, and then a confirmation email in approximately 3-5 business days with the information of the assigned hotel.
*Depending on the season, this could take a little longer.

4 - What type of room will I get?

Your room will be a standard hotel room based upon the destination. Upgrades may be available at the time of booking for an additional cost. One voucher only covers one room.

5 - Can I use more than one deal to extend my stay?

We do not allow for consecutive booking with any package. More than one voucher could be bought, but must be used for the same family 12 months or more after the first voucher has been used. To extend your stay or to upgrade your package you can pay an additional cost at the time of your reservation.

6 - Can we use multiple vouchers for the same dates and location?

Buyers may purchase multiple vouchers for friends and family, although they could not use them simultaneously at the same hotel. If an addition person/people will be in your party, then you must upgrade the rooms but to do this, it is not permitted to use more than one of the previously purchased vouchers.

7 - Do I contact the hotel for reservations?

No. In order to use your voucher and take advantage of these very special rates, all bookings must be completed via to be able confirm the package with the given price and as to not charge any unknown additional fees. After this is completed, you will receive an email containing your confirmation code. Only then you may call the hotel with said code for any additional questions about your reservation.

8 - How do I request my dates?

It's easy! Just click on reservation button located near the top of our web page to get started. You will be able to choose your dates during the online reservation process.

9 - Are there blackout dates?

There is not blacked out dates, but Major holidays are subject to availability: Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Valentines, St. Patrick’s, Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas week through New Years.

10 - Can we use on weekends?

Yes, you can submit your request for weekend dates.

11 - Can we choose the hotel?

No, the hotel given on the package will be assigned as availability and season, although it will be one of the hotels mentioned in the package information. You will not be able to choose nor change after your confirmation.

12 - If I buy the package now, can I use it immediately?

We have different offers with different terms and conditions. Remember to read those terms & conditions. When you purchase a package, follow the steps in activating said package. Then, you just have to reserve the package 20 days before going on your planned vacations.

13 - Can I add nights to my vacation?

When reserving your package, if the amount of default nights given are not adequate to previous planning or your likes, you may then pay an extra fee per night extended.

14 - How long will I have to wait to get my hotel confirmation?

Normally, you will receive your hotel confirmation within 48 to 72 hours after submitting the reservation request. On occasion, depending on the season, it can take up to 7 business days.

15 - Are my airline tickets included in this promotion?

No, our offers do not include airline tickets. You could manage these online with your preferred airline.

16 - Will have more destinations available in the future?

It is our goal as a company to achieve maximum satisfaction for our customers and are dedicated to continually improve our destinations, as well adding more and more destinations.

17 - What requirements will I need to take these offers?

It depends on the type of offer you acquired. We offer regular packages, discount deals and super deals for holiday club presentations. You should read the offers Terms & Conditions before purchasing or you could ask one of our representatives to be sure if your package does or does not require any special conditions.

18 - How do I reserve my vacation package after purchasing?

You will need to follow some steps that are quite simple:
a) After you purchase your package input your code on our webpage to activate it.
b) 20 days before planning to go on vacation, reserve your package at Just press the reservation button and follow the steps
c) You will then receive a confirmation via email.Normally from 48 to 72 hours after reserving with your entire package’s information. Your destination and which hotel you will be staying at. Sometimes, due to the season, the email can take up to 7 business days to reach you.

19 - Are my taxes included?

Depending on what package you have. You must read the terms on the deal that you buy.


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