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Enjoy the luxury on your next Disney World vacation.
Feel like you are really at home!
We offer you an unforgettable stay in houses 4 bedrooms or 5 bedrooms.
Our vacation homes feature top amenities like private pools and spas, fully equipped kitchens, multiple master bedroom suites, game rooms, themed bedrooms, private patios, balconies, dining areas, TVs in every bedroom, washer and dryer, and much more.
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    Orlando Florida
    6 days 5 nights for 4 people



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    The package includes :

    A fabulous five nights for 4 people, daily breakfast, transport to parks and much more!

    Value $750

    Discount 68%

    Save $501

    Bahamas + Orlando
    with tickets to Disney



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    The package includes :

    A fabulous three nights for a couple, meals, drinks, all included and much more!

    Value $1399

    Discount 60%

    Save $850




    Orlando Florida

    (18 Reviews)

    Orlando Florida USA


    A world-renowned destination, Orlando is the place to make all of your dreams come true. It is, of course, beloved for its theme parks: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld Orlando, and many more.


    JZVacations Getaways Faq


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    The offer includes:

    • Minimum 3 nights stay, you choose the size of your house based on your needs. We count on 4 and 5 bedroom houses.
    • 4 bedroom houses price per night of $249, occupancy of 8-10 people
    • 5 bedroom house price per night of $299, occupancy of 10-12 people.
    • The houses include:
      - Free Wi-Fi
      - Fully equipped kitchens with refrigerator, microwave, heater, dish washer, and all the utilities you may need (plates, utensils, cups, pans, etc.) for you and your family to enjoy home-made foods.
      - bedrooms, and bathroom with bathroom and pool towels
      - All houses count on private pools


    Vacation homes are an economical choice for many families who travel to Orlando and want to feel like they are really at home and best part is that you save big on money. Most standard rooms at hotels allow a maximum of 4 people. House are ideal for big families who are looking to stay together and not divide themselves by room



    All our residences are located between 10-20 minutes from the theme parks. And we have an extensive range of properties in different resorts, all with security to ensure the tranquility of his family while on vacation.


    The complexes are categorized between 3-4 stars and among them are:


    -Magical memories Villas

    -Casiola Vacation Homes

    -Laguna Villas

    -Holliday Villas

    -Sunshine orlando rentals

    -Columbus vacation Villas

    -Holliday Villas

    -Orlando Dream Vacations

    -Favorite Vacations Homes

    -Florida Exclusive management

    -Am Sun vacations homes

    -Stanmark Vacations Homes

    -Orlando vacations rentals

    -Advantage vacations homes

    -Dream vacation homes

    -Maingate Magic vacations homes

    -American home rentals

    -Bella Vida resort

    -Global vacation homes


    Among many, many more, all in the same category.



    Do not miss this opportunity:

    Now is the perfect time to make your family’s dream come true, taking advantage of the special offers we have for you. Indulge in an atmosphere of fantasy worry-free entertainment, because our entire team of vacation experts will be on hand to help in any way possible. Let us lead the way to making your dreams come true.

    Since the vision of the perfect vacation to Disney world may vary for each family, we offer you the flexibility of finding packages that best fits your needs based on your budget, preference and the size of your family.
    Call us today and we will help you plan and reserve your next Disney vacation!... our number is: 786-373-9980



    No travel destination is as magical as Orlando, welcoming people from around the world to enjoy its attractions, shopping centers and restaurants. Great style, quality and above all, precious memories - all will be found in Orlando!


    Contact JZVacations:

    • Telephone:
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    Activities in Orlando:

    Treat yourself to use your vacation and immerse yourself in a fantasy world, in Orlando will find a dazzling array of entertainment, attractions and recreational activities.


    Imagine visiting a different day in single countries and in each tasting best dishes and drinks, while enjoying music, acrobatics and live entertainment, this may be possible in the wonderful Epcot® or family compartircon unmatched magic Magic Kingdom ® where we promise that your imagination fly with the most dazzling fireworks I've ever seen while capturing the charm of fairy tales with exciting entertainment, classic attractions, tours behind racks and beloved characters deDisney.

    Animal Kingdon will feel the force of this nature at the time, as you step through fascinating jungle trails and to experience close encounters with exotic animals. If you are looking for the best Hollywood style action recommendation is unique Disney's Hollywood Studios, where fun is centered stardom and spectacle.


    Excluding overdose of adrenaline he experienced in Universal Studio and Islands of Adventure ® in more advanced rides, shows and interactive attractions that capture the world vividly their stories, myths, cartoons, comics and favorite children's stories and its largest, popular and recent attractions such as Harry Potter, Transformers, Springfield home of the Simpsons and more.


    SeaWorld Orlando takes you on a unique journey to discover the wonders that exist beyond the ocean's door. It is a place where close encounters connect you to the energy, emotions and mysteries of the sea and marine life. It is a world where the days are fascinating, captivating nights and adventures provide great excitement.


    Or if you want to just relax on the edge of a pool at home, while enjoying the comforts of home, all this and more will be possible with our super economic packages reserved especially for you and your family.

    Because leverage our offers? ... Because our packages each family member will find unlimited fun.


    Add your stay tickets to the best and most popular attractions by:


    - Universa Studios and Island of Adventure ---- 2 days in the park for $ 248.00 per person (including taxes)


    - 3 Days at Disney World parks, you can select the three parks most welcome ---- for $ 387.00 per person (including taxes)


    - Visit The 4 Disney parks, Magik Kingdon, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios park ---- four days for $ 433.00 per person (including taxes)


    - Seaworld and Atlantica ---------- $ 146.00 per person (including taxes)

    - Seaworld And Bush Gardens ----- $ 157.00 per person (including taxes)


    If you want to quote other attractions tastefully our agents will be able to asist you.
    Note: Prices vary according to season attractions, prices do not include special events such as Horror Night, among others.



    For more information:

    • Phone:
    • Email:





    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • 1- The prices quoted are per night?
      * Indeed, you select the size of property and pay the cost determined by it, if you select 4/4 would be $ 249 per night and 5/4 would be $ 299 per night.
    • 2- As I redeem my voucher?
      * After purchase, you will receive a voucher via email that contains the description of your package and coupon code. With this voucher you are ready to make your reservation whenever you like, taking into account the previous time that has to request the reservation.
    • 3- After receiving my voucher I need to use my vacation right away?
      * No. You have 18 months to use their vacation, but from the time you receive your voucher you can already make your reservation so be it for next year.
    • 4- What other expenses are not included in the offer?
      * As mentioned terms and conditions, the cost of air is not included, and $ 199 booking fee (non-refundable) and cleaning and utilities of the property.
    • 5- The offer includes airport pick me?
      * Offer does not include any kind of transfers, we can give service car rental, if interested in this service ask your agent.
    • 6- The meals are included?
      * Any type of food is not included in the houses, and that will have fully equipped kitchens for the benefit of preparing their own home-style food.
    • 7- When my reservation request pus select one of the complex?
      * As described in the terms, the properties will be allocated according to availability, can not be selected.
    • 8- After requesting my reservation, when I receive confirmation of my stay?
      * You will receive immediate confirmation, maximum take 10 minutes to receive it. Just you ask if you book a Sunday, could take 24 hours to receive confirmation.
    • 9. If additional desire more people than allowed on the premises?
      * To request a bigger property because we are not responsible for extra fees on the properties or discomfort and breakfast.
    • 10- If after acquiring an offer and I do not want, I can return the?
      * Offers sales are final and are not refundable, you have 18 months to usarla.Ver details on terms and conditions.
    • 11. It can heat the pool house?
      * This service may have an additional cost and must be requested once miss the chek in.

      12. What is the minimum number of nights I can apply?
      * The minimum would be three nights, and there is no maximum limit.




    For more information:

    • Phone:
    • Email:



    Terms and conditions:

    • Please note that from the time of purchase will (18 months) to make use of this package holidays and reservations must be requested at least 30 days before the date of entry, festivities least 45 days prior to availability and are sugetas.
    • Once requested the date of your reservation may require changes not date unless there is no availability for the date requested.
    • You must have at least one card with the logo (Visa ®, MasterCard ®, Discover ® or American Express ®) to make your check in.
    • You must have a valid photo identification.
    • Other fees apply such as cleaning and utilities, you must be paid directly on the premises. Some homes do not have access, and if you request this service will charge.
    • Does not include airfare. Or transfers.
    • We offer car rentals for your convenience (ask your agent).
    • Price does not include expense of booking at $ 199.00 USD which is applied at the time of your reservation request to destination.
    • This promotion and prices are obtained only through JZVacations.com, on behalf of the participating resorts.
    • Final sales offer not accept cancellations, no refunds apply for this type of promotional offers. Offer is not redeemable for cash.
    • The properties will asigandas upon availability.
    • Terms and conditions may vary without notice as determined by the facilities.
    • If you ask for reservation and for some reason does not get to the house and confirmed dates, you will automatically be charged a penalty of $550 to the registered card purchase.
    • If you breach any of the terms described in this contract, you will pay your registered card, equivalent to the total cost of your stay, based on the rack rate home penalty.
    • For further questions please write to: customerservices@jzvacations.com or reservations@jzvacations.com






    • For your convenience, all reservations must be requested through our Facebook or directly on our Website, please make your reservation by following the steps on the reservation button.
    • Holidays dates like July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or dates featuring special events, must be reserved with at least 30 days in advance and are subject to availability.
    • All reservations including regular dates, are subject to availability.
    • Packages that include gift destinations do not allow the use of both destinations consecutively, and at least six (6) months between destinations will be required.
    • US residents must have current and valid IDs to ensure legal status in the country. Tourists must bring proof passports with valid visas.
    • Terms and conditions may vary without notice.


    For more information:

    • Phone:
    • Email:

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